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Chemistry: The study of matter and how it changes

What is matter?

  • Anything that has a mass.
  • [Anything you can touch, see, or see in an instrument (e.g. a telescope or a microscope).]


  • Iron
  • Wood
  • Air
  • Water
  • Plastic

How does matter change? Examples:

  • Ice melts
  • Iron corrodes
  • Children grow
  • Plants grow
  • Petrol burns
  • … and much, much more!

Phase transitions

Melting & solidification (freezing)

Ice melts:

  • Solid water, H2O(s), with energy added gives liquid water, H2O(l).
  • H2O(s) + energy → H2O(l)

Water freezes:

  • Liquid water, H2O(l) freezes and forms solid water (ice), H2O(s). At the same time, energy is released.
  • H2O(l) → H2O(s) + energy

Evaporation & condensation

Liquid water evaporates:

  • Liquid water, H2O(l), with energy added gives water vapor, H2O(g)
  • H2O(l) + energy → H2O(g)

Water vapor condenses:

  • Water vaper condenses into liquid water. At the same time, energy is released.
  • H2O(g) → H2O(l) + energy

Phase transitions.Phase transitions.

Sublimation & deposition

Matter passes from solid to gas without passing liquid state.

Example: Solid iodine, I2(s), sublimates with added energy, and forms iodine vapor, I2(g).

  • I2(s) + energy → I2(g)

Iodine sublimes.Iodine sublimes.

Iodine deposits.Iodine deposits.

Ionization & deionization

If enough energy is added, one or more electrons are removed from the atom. This creates positively charged ions.

Most abundant state of matter in the universe: The sun and all the stars are made of plasma.

Our sun and most stars are made of plasma.Our sun and most stars are made of plasma.

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