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These pages are maintained by ME undervisning AB, a Swedish-based company dedicated to providing high-quality teaching aids and study materials in biology, chemistry and everything in between. All materials copyright © by ME undervisning AB (except otherwise noted). 

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Who is Mr. Ehinger?

Well, that's me! I am a chemistry and biology teacher in Lund, Sweden. I've been teaching since 2001, and since 2012, I also flip my classroom. Because of this, I have produced around 300 videos on biology and chemistry, but until 2019 only in Swedish. I have written a few books on biology and chemistry (aimed at ages 16–19), also only in Swedish.

I am 100 % passionate about teaching, chemistry, and biology! That is why I am sharing this material, free* to use if you are a teacher, a student, or just generally interested in chemistry. 😊

My other 200 % of passion is for music (mainly classical piano and electronica) and for my family (including our dog Newton and our cat Schrödinger). But that's quite a different story!

 * See copyright notice.

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